Two outdoor styles of personality furniture, which one do you like?

Two outdoor styles of personality furniture, which one do you like?

Lead: According to the different use environment, furniture can be divided into outdoor furniture and indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture provides rest and entertainment in a variety of recreational settings. Two outdoor styles of personality furniture, which one do you like?

Outdoor furniture can be placed in a properly open space or in a public place to provide a comfortable feeling. Next, I will introduce you to outdoor furniture!

1, modern style leisure wicker chair

This rattan chair is hand-woven, and each product has different stripes, which is the most special outdoor design. The cane chair is also free to adjust the height to provide a more comfortable experience, strictly for the concept of outdoor design.

The rattan chair is made of environmentally friendly PE rattan material and has the advantage of being resistant to wind and sun. The all-metal frame design provides you with a safety guarantee of up to two hundred kilograms. Delicate and fresh tones add a touch of energy and passion to your home environment.

The pillows and cushions are made of high-quality tarpaulin, the outdoor design is not easy to seep, and has excellent breathability. It is especially suitable for outdoor use. The inner filling material is high-grade doll cotton, which provides you with a soft and comfortable experience. The current market reference price is about seven hundred yuan. Two outdoor styles of personality furniture, which one do you like?

Two outdoor styles of personality furniture, which one do you like?

2, Southeast Asian style outdoor rattan swing chair

This chair has a simple and elegant design, and the outdoor design is generous. It is suitable for use in villas, hotels, balconies, barbecue bars, etc. The elegant, toned outdoor design shows a noble quality of life.

Made of environmentally friendly PE rattan material, it is environmentally friendly and comfortable. Hand-woven weaving gives you a natural and environmentally friendly experience. The hanging chain is made of a lacquering process and is made of non-rusting materials. It is durable and durable.

The cushion fabric is waterproof, flexible and comfortable, providing a comfortable and relaxing experience. The product size is 162 x 112 x 178 cm. The current market reference price is around 2,300 yuan. Two outdoor styles of personality furniture, which one do you like?

Development case of outdoor furniture design

Development case of outdoor furniture design

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people are preparing for various modes of travel with time and economic strength, and they are popular tourist attractions that can be played regardless of the season. (Development case of outdoor furniture design)

This craze has undoubtedly led to the development of the tourism industry, which has also led the hotel industry and the catering industry to promote the development of leisure outdoor furniture. Then we will share some about development case of outdoor furniture design.

Development case of outdoor furniture design

Outdoor furniture design is a more contemporary thing. Like the clothes that people wear, it will have different styles with different things, so the replacement speed of this product is also faster.

For some catering industry practitioners, they should consider keeping pace with the times, which includes changing the furniture design often, although sometimes the furniture can be used, but because it looks outdated or looks old It is also often “eliminated.”

Because catering operators don’t want consumers to come to their restaurant to see an old scene. This will bring higher profits to the restaurant’s individual furniture operators.

Dining tables, dining chairs and dining stools play an important role in the restaurant. The overall color of the restaurant will change as the shape and color are different. A simple long wooden dining table with distressed wooden chairs, the natural taste is born, as if blending with the outdoor blue sky and green trees.

The rows of the master’s collection of porcelain jars displayed above the table are shimmering with milky white light, in harmony with the surrounding environment. Then sit quietly in the wicker chair by the pool, next to the wooden table, holding a large parasol, picking up a sip of coffee, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds and all kinds of freshness… How much is this feeling? Cozy!

The classic color of earthy yellow, the elegant outdoor design, the leisure space is filled with warmth and romance. The warm and vine-colored color, elegant and not losing the connotation, is like being in a paradise. The woven rattan is the craft weaving that determines the texture and comfort of the entire sofa. The weaving is delicate and firm, beautiful and durable.

On the other hand, in the process of operating high-quality restaurant furniture, it is inevitable to contact with many people in the community who have status and status. It is also possible to establish good cooperative relations with them and even develop into friends, so that it is virtually invisible. Expanding its network of contacts, whether it is continuing to engage in the individual furniture business or the future, can be more successful with the help of this network.

The stylish and humanized outdoor design is 4, the lines are comfortable and smooth, the style is novel, and the ergonomic comfort is fully considered. Environmentally friendly PE rattan, high quality guarantee. Free combination, free to mix, free to let your guests enjoy leisure time.

Development case of outdoor furniture design

These are just a few of the many advantages of operating high-quality restaurant furniture, but these two aspects have been able to explain many problems. I believe that many of the friends have seen the good prospects of engaging in this industry through the above description.

After reading the development case of outdoor furniture design, in the process of operating high-quality furniture, you will unconsciously improve your inner and outer, and become a more “high-quality” person, believe in yourself, look at opportunities, Everyone can make a career!

Milan Furniture Fair – modern personality furniture design will be assembled

Milan Furniture Fair - modern personality furniture design will be assembled

The new beginning always has some new weather. It is time to say goodbye to the past and embrace the future full of surprises and unknowns. In this half of 2019, to prevent being assimilated in the past, there are too many fashions and trends that require our attention and understanding. The Milan Furniture Fair that will open in June is one of them. By then, a large number of individual furniture designs will be brought together for users and designers to try and figure out.

Milan Furniture Fair - modern personality furniture design will be assembled

Milan Furniture Fair – modern personality furniture design will be assembled

As a high-end event that design masters are looking forward to, friends from all over the world will actively participate. He brings together the aesthetics of contemporary trends, thoughtful and humanized design and amazing avant-garde trends. Whether it is a special foamed sofa, a comfortable and soft bedding, or a high-end and simple kitchen furniture, it all shows the derivation of human wisdom.

Milan Furniture Fair – modern personality furniture design will be assembled-MOROSO

As an emerging brand in Italy, the brand has received the attention of users with bold color schemes and warm details. He has been proclaiming Italian-style craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from cross-level collaborations with different designers and opening up more possibilities for furniture design. And the brand also fully considers the lifestyle of the end customers and the way they use the living room, using clean, non-polluting and recyclable materials as much as possible to achieve quality and environmental protection.

Milan Furniture Fair – modern personality furniture design will be assembled-OLUCE

OLUCE is an Italian brand that grabs users with luminaires. It subverts traditional functional design, smooth curves with low-key colors, and reproduces Italian craftsmanship in such a combination. How poetry-like works make the space more refined. After the baptism of time, they are able to surpass the trend and firmly occupy the forefront of the industry.

The brand continues to listen to feedback from the international market on lighting design and continues to move along the design path. His products are all with exquisite interior design elements, low-key and pure temperament, which makes it harmoniously and perfectly integrated into various spatial styles and tells stories of different emotions through soft light.

Milan Furniture Fair - modern personality furniture design will be assembled

Milan Furniture Fair – modern personality furniture design will be assembled-MALERBA

MALERBA connects design to modern life, and he believes in maintaining the elements of fashion and modernity while still maintaining the design level to withstand the test of time. Therefore, each piece of furniture product is his introverted expression, both the tactics of strategizing and the taste of elegance.

The annual Milan Furniture Fair will be unveiled, and those experienced designs can only be truly realized when you see it with your own eyes. Now, there is a glory-Italian home to synchronize with the new, the trend of the show explosions, the category covers European high-end furniture, kitchen, cloakroom, bathroom, lamps, flooring, floor tiles, doors, windows, bedding, electrical appliances, accessories, etc. In many ways, as long as it is what you need, whether it is interior design or outdoor design.

Outdoor modern personality furniture – what is rattan furniture? What kind of it?

Outdoor modern personality furniture - what is rattan furniture? What kind of it?

The main products of rattan furniture are rattan furniture, rattan sofas, reclining beds, reclining chairs, flower baskets, swings, hanging baskets, hanging chairs, hammocks, health beds, outdoor leisure furniture products such as outdoor umbrellas and waterproof cushions. Supporting items.

Outdoor modern personality furniture - what is rattan furniture? What kind of it?

Today, rattan furniture is increasingly pursuing leisure, comfort, and high-end art. It has a clean and simple line and unique design, and has a place in the rattan furniture market.

Rattan materials are roughly divided into: large vines, young vines and processed vines.

At present, the rattan furniture on the market is basically divided into the following categories:

Outdoor furniture: such as gardens, small round tables on the veranda, armchairs, recliners, etc., as well as swinging sofa armchairs;

Living room furniture: Perfect for rattan furniture, with a style, a set of living room furniture made of red rattan core, delicate, smooth, styling and color to strive for simplicity, full of craftsmanship.

Round and oval. Material cotton, flannel, brocade, nylon or linen comfort material is memory foam material.

Flower boxes, originally used as flower pots, vases, mostly porcelain, or plastic, in order to meet the needs of the road landscape, now more solid use.

Beds and storage cabinets, etc., by cutting the cane into extremely thin and flat canes and weaving them into various patterns for the back of the chair, the cabinet door or the rattan. The original processing procedure of rattan material is quite complicated, and it must be processed through steaming, drying, bleaching, anti-virus, sterilization and other processes.

After strict processing, rattan furniture has good flexibility, strong breathability, natural texture, refreshing hand, comfortable and chic, and ergonomics. Appearance, the rattan furniture is elegant and flat, beautiful and elegant, close to nature, with high appreciation. The origin of the rattan furniture is one of the old furniture.

Chairs such as tables have long used vines to make a variety of furniture. Lightweight, cool and durable.

1 Rattan is a cloth-like semi-finished product that weaves the cane skin into a growing length. Specifications are 37 ~ 89cm long, the pattern is different, you can cut at will. Mostly used for interior decoration. Rattan furniture and other four types of rattan woven rattan seats mainly have more than 5,000 varieties of vines and vines;

Outdoor modern personality furniture - what is rattan furniture? What kind of it?

2 rattan chairs, etc. Since the 1980s, frames, bookshelves, teacup sets, flower pot sets and frogs, pandas, elephants and other toys.

Rattan sofas can be said to be rattan sofas, meaning the same, rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture in history. The rattan furniture rattan is from Indonesian natural rattan.

Located in the equator, Indonesia is a typical tropical rainforest climate. The sun and rain are abundant all year round. Every corner of the island is volcanic ash left after the volcanic eruption, which is very fertile.

Under this unique natural condition, the growing vine is very full and well-proportioned, thick and strong, the rattan texture is firm, the toughness is strong, and the heat conduction performance is poor, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture as a style of personality furniture, I think this furniture design is very good for me to customize modern personality furniture!

One of the most important selection points for outdoor furniture is this!

One of the most important selection points for outdoor furniture is this!

It’s really wonderful to enjoy the sun at home, so choosing outdoor furniture must not be sloppy. Careful selection can guarantee quality life, and professional and healthy outdoor furniture is the king.

First of all, if it is placed outdoors for a long time, it is inevitable that the wind will be exposed to the sun. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the home for certain deformation and fading. Generally, most of the woods are fir and pine. However, in the choice of connectors, it is necessary to be careful, because it is related to the sturdiness of outdoor furniture, and can not be placed on the wind for a few days.

One of the most important selection points for outdoor furniture is this!

Therefore, its self-importance is relatively heavy, and it must be firmly connected to the ground and fixed by ropes or buried. In the connection of outdoor furniture parts, it is usually spliced or metal parts. Generally, the metal parts are stronger than the joints. However, the splicing is not only firm, but there is room for movement between the parts. Increased structural stability. Moreover, the furniture is also more idyllic and natural, but it must be crafted.

Choosing outdoor furniture is very particular, the most important thing is the material. Wood is the preferred material. Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose wood with large oil content, such as fir, pine, teak, etc., and must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment; the production process is also very important, because the deformation is inevitable because of long-term exposure. If the process is not good, the furniture is likely to fall apart because the splicing is not strong or the expansion coefficient is wrong; in addition, the wooden outdoor furniture needs to be often maintained with wood oil or paint.

Compared to wooden outdoor furniture, metal is more durable, aluminum or water-treated alloy is the best, but pay attention to prevent impact.

Bamboo rattan outdoor furniture is beautiful, but the price is high, and it is difficult to take care of, it is easy to accumulate dust and mold, so we must choose good quality and special treatment. However, there is a kind of rattan outdoor furniture in the market — Xi Teng, the price is cheaper than the rattan system, dirty brushing is good, and durable, more suitable for outdoor use.

Choose the material and also consider the style of the room. From the material itself, in addition to performance, there are still some features and techniques in the style to coordinate with the overall style. In general, wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for the modern, minimalist style of indoor environment, the line is generally based on straight lines, and some exaggerated shapes are better. For the environment that likes the rural style, the natural color of the wood is perfect, the natural texture and temperament are easier to coordinate, creating a calm and natural living atmosphere through delicate lines and details, so that the nervous body and mind can be relaxed and complicated. More romantic life.

Creating personality furniture is inseparable from furniture design, modern personality furniture design to meet your various needs!