Design personality furniture begins with interior design!

Your home is inseparable from beautiful decorations, because it will make your family more comfortable and beautiful! People often say: ‘Design personality furniture begins with interior design! As a warm little nest, I feel that I must be filled with love!

Design personality furniture begins with interior design!

1, furniture design rich indoor space;

The expression of furniture art in the space is subordinate, and there is no space to talk about furniture design. Design personality furniture begins with interior design! The large space is open, stretched, small space is intimate, privacy, high space has high and high, high feeling, low space is people feel depressed, cramped. Reasonable use of furniture, plants, decoration, carpets, paintings, fish tanks and other indoor art furniture products to separate the space, make the use of indoor space more reasonable, so that the interior space is more layered.

The layout of the furniture layout and the interior space should be adapted to the shape and size. For example, the indoor space interface is large and spacious, and the furniture that can decorate the large parts can make people feel comfortable, regardless of the size of the purchased furniture room, moderate furniture, and Indoor space is not advisable. By determining the scale of furniture supplies, too much space should be separated, otherwise there will be no small amount of furniture to be delicate and appropriate, contrasting warm and warm style.

For example, a large space office exists as a whole, but it also exists by many individuals. In order to make the space more structured and aesthetic people use office furniture and screens to organize the work of small units, plant decoration in appropriate places, both reasonable use of space and rich space. In the hotel’s shopping mall, these spaces are different in texture, color, carpet or tile patterns, thus distinguishing between regional and partitioned spaces.

2, soften the space and adjust the color of the environment;

In the interior design, the design of furniture should be people-oriented, pay attention to the combination of furniture and natural elements, pay attention to the application of ergonomics, and realize the combination of human and nature. Indoor homes are part of nature, and plants are widely used in interior spaces for interior design. Indoor use of plant elements not only improves the indoor environment, but also softens the space, increasing vitality and fun.

There is a combination of indoor and outdoor space environment. This kind of furniture design has a certain pleasant mood for people. The furniture design can satisfy people’s psychological needs. People are addicted to happiness and have a good impression on the family. Design personality furniture begins with interior design!

Design personality furniture begins with interior design!

When people watch a space, they are used to focusing on the furniture that occupies a large area of ​​indoor space. Furniture, as the main furniture of the space, naturally becomes the main color of the space. Other small items such as lights, utensils, etc. , as the embellishment of the space. There is also a background color in the space, which is generally summarized as the color of each interface in the space.

We emphasize the unity and coordination of space color, but do not require excessive consistency and appear dull, no new ideas, intended to create an indoor environment with visual comfort and jumping vivid images.

In short, interior design is the design of people’s living environment, the art of people’s survival and life. The focus of interior design is often reflected in the design of furniture, which is broad and rich in scope.

Furniture design is the most concentrated expression of people’s spirit. It is also the embodiment of the sublimation of interior design quality. Recognizing the role of furniture design and playing its role in space design will create a rich and colorful human space.daaofurnituredesign.

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