Modern Personality Furniture Interior Design – Color Design Application

Modern Personality Furniture Interior Design - Color Design Application

Furniture Headlines: In the main theme of “China’s Personality Furniture Industry’s First Exhibition”, “Fashion and Integration”, more industries “big bang” raise the flag, which makes the atmosphere of glory and symbiosis of the big home become more and more enthusiastic. The division of labor also tends to be more professional and detailed.

On July 17th, at the invitation of the Organizing Committee of the Furniture Exhibition and the Design Center of Dongguan Dijing Project (hereinafter referred to as the “Zhaojing”), the Valspar China Resources Coating Color Research and Development Institute (hereinafter referred to as China Resources Color Research and Development Institute) and the Chinese fashion color The association jointly released the “2019-2020 International Home Fashion Trends” at the exhibition, and proposed that home color design will become the new market focus, and the modern interior furniture design – “color is also productivity”.

Modern Personality Furniture Interior Design - Color Design Application

It is worth mentioning that as the leading professional information created by the top coating color research institute and the Chinese authoritative color agency, the trend of international home fashion is the vane of the trend of home fashion.

The difference is that the trend of modern personality furniture design does not stop at the concept output. At the meeting, the China Resources Color Research and Development Institute, the dilemma, and the home furnishing home garden color design strategic cooperation announcement was unveiled, and the China Resources Color Research Institute and the dilemma jointly The “International Home Fashion Trends Exhibition” was also unveiled at the famous furniture exhibition, applying color frontier research to home design, and promoting the combination of research results and industry to accelerate the transformation into productivity.

Chairman of the Houjie Town People’s Congress, Mr. Zhu Sha, President of China Fashion Color Association, Lin Jiyong, Director of Huayuan Group, Fang Runzhong, General Manager of Ming Furniture Fair, Xu Zongxi, General Manager of Ming Home Expo Park, and Trends of Valspar China Resources Coating Color Research Institute Director Zhou Qiaoling, Cai Xiaoyan, Design Director of Valspar China Resources Coating Color Research Institute, attended the ceremony.

△ Houjie Town People’s Congress Chairman

The interior color design of modern personalized furniture has become a new trump card to enhance the added value of home products!

What is the popular color of international home this year? How to make your home catch up with the trend of the times without losing your personal taste? This is a topic that many consumers care about.

In the new season color research of the Valspar China Resources Painting Color Research Institute, the emotional expression is used as the starting point, the color application is used as the carrier, and the current mainstream home design trend, the characteristics of the audience, the attitude of life pursued by people, and life are combined. Trends in habits, lifestyles, and individual needs, and the release of the four major trends in international home fashion trends from 2019 to 2020: self-healing, re-interpretation, wave state, and reasonable loss of control.

△ Message from Cai Xiaoyan, Design Director of Valspar China Resources Coating Color Research Institute

According to reports, in the past, international fashion colors have been circulating to the home field for at least 1-2 years, and the current time difference is constantly shortening.

Modern Personality Furniture Interior Design - Color Design Application

At present, the consumption upgrade has spawned “new refinement”. While pursuing the design of “modern, simple and inclusive”, the overall home emphasizes the expression of space and the sense of high-level, and the breadth and depth of new refinement continue to expand.

In color, the deep red tone will become the main color, and the green color, noble purple and metallic color are also the key colors of 2019-2020.

The classic high-grade gray still dominates the home space, and the proportion of light gray and dark gray increases significantly from 2019 to 2020.

The 2019-2020 color trend international finalization is light, pink, light gray, dark gray, saturated dark color and line color reduction.

“Experts generally believe that color design can add 15%-30% added value without increasing product cost. Color is also productivity, and color marketing has unique charm.”

The relevant person in charge of China Resources Color Research and Development Institute believes that the home color design is good, can coordinate or make up for the lack of modeling, will form a new market focus, the use of color to enhance product added value will be a trump card in the hands of enterprises.

△ Zhou Qiaoling, Trend Director, Valspar China Resources Coating Color Research Institute

“In recent years, with the improvement of people’s consumption level, consumers’ demands have shifted from material demand to spiritual demand. Color as a direct tool to stimulate consumers’ emotional appeals has played a key role in enhancing the added value of products.” The president of the association, Zhu Sha, said.

△ Zhu Sha, President of China Fashion Color Association

“At the moment, the competition in the home industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the phenomenon of product homogenization is becoming more and more serious. The era of color application as the core competitiveness of modern individual furniture interior design has come comprehensively. This is also the inevitable trend of the integration and development of large homes.”

Palace mahogany furniture – classical traditional personality furniture

Palace mahogany furniture - classical traditional personality furniture

In recent years, the return of Chinese traditional cultural life, more and more people are beginning to be fascinated by Chinese classical mahogany furniture, the “shape, material, art, rhyme” of mahogany furniture is the embodiment of its charm. As the best of the traditional furniture furniture, the palace mahogany furniture shows an unparalleled honor.

Palace mahogany furniture - classical traditional personality furniture

Palace mahogany furniture, as the name suggests, is the mahogany furniture used in the palace. In our feudal society, the court is the center of state power and has absolute honor. Therefore, in the production of palace furniture, we can gather skilled craftsmen, take rare wood, and show the traditional crafts of carving, enameling, inlaying and footing of Chinese furniture. Got it all out.

Palace mahogany furniture is extremely sophisticated in the selection of materials and materials, generally use the most precious red wood quality such as precious yellow pear, red sandalwood. In the use of materials, in order to achieve fine selection, generally use large materials or monoliths, using the most advanced parts of texture and color, so the palace mahogany furniture is very expensive.

In addition to the selection of mahogany, the palace mahogany often uses some precious accessories to set off the noble of the royal family. For example, in the Qing court furniture, there are many kinds of decoration, such as inlay, jade, inlay, inlay, inlay. Films, inlaid treasures, etc., these decorative materials are mainly purchased from the field, and the price is expensive.

In the furniture design of individual furniture, the court mahogany furniture is extremely tall in shape compared with the general furniture. It shows the majestic atmosphere, the shape is magnificent, and the size is large, which sets off the domineering of the king.

During the Qing Dynasty, the court furniture organization was the house of the government. There were strict size standards for the tables, chairs and beds in the palace. Different sizes of furniture used by people of different status also set different standards. The sense of nobleness and majesty in the design style is the most important. For example, the emperor’s seat must show the emperor’s ninety-five, and the queen’s seat will set off the queen’s master.

The 5,000-year history of civilization of the Chinese nation has created a splendid, profound and profound national culture. As an important carrier of Chinese culture, the design concept of mahogany furniture is naturally influenced by Chinese traditional culture.

The philosophy of “Heaven and Man” has a profound influence on the design concept of mahogany furniture. Reflected in the design of mahogany furniture, it is the choice of the original wood quality and its use of wood texture. With its solid texture, elegant color and beautiful natural beauty, mahogany furniture fully expresses the beauty of creation and nature with its stable and sleek, simple and smooth beauty, as well as the beauty of vivid shapes such as circle chairs, dental plates and horseshoe feet. Harmony.

The traditional mahogany furniture is rich in color but not dull, gorgeous and not glamorous, which fully reflects the traditional Chinese “moderate” philosophy. The strict scale of mahogany furniture, the design concept of square and square in the garden, reflects the philosophical thoughts of ancient Chinese heaven and earth.

Palace mahogany furniture - classical traditional personality furniture

The contrast between the curve and the straight line, the soft and the medium, the virtual and the real, the smart and calm mahogany furniture design concept fully shows the religious creed of “conforming to nature, advocating frugality” in religious culture, “not to be happy, not to be sad” The principle of doing things and the value orientation of “holding the truth and being silent, doing nothing.”

The carving of a large number of auspicious patterns by personality furniture is the influence of people’s aesthetic thinking on the design concept of mahogany furniture. These exquisite auspicious patterns not only play a very good decorative role, but also add a little bit of blessing and auspicious meaning to modern personality furniture, satisfying people’s spiritual needs.

Outdoor modern personality furniture – what is rattan furniture? What kind of it?

Outdoor modern personality furniture - what is rattan furniture? What kind of it?

The main products of rattan furniture are rattan furniture, rattan sofas, reclining beds, reclining chairs, flower baskets, swings, hanging baskets, hanging chairs, hammocks, health beds, outdoor leisure furniture products such as outdoor umbrellas and waterproof cushions. Supporting items.

Outdoor modern personality furniture - what is rattan furniture? What kind of it?

Today, rattan furniture is increasingly pursuing leisure, comfort, and high-end art. It has a clean and simple line and unique design, and has a place in the rattan furniture market.

Rattan materials are roughly divided into: large vines, young vines and processed vines.

At present, the rattan furniture on the market is basically divided into the following categories:

Outdoor furniture: such as gardens, small round tables on the veranda, armchairs, recliners, etc., as well as swinging sofa armchairs;

Living room furniture: Perfect for rattan furniture, with a style, a set of living room furniture made of red rattan core, delicate, smooth, styling and color to strive for simplicity, full of craftsmanship.

Round and oval. Material cotton, flannel, brocade, nylon or linen comfort material is memory foam material.

Flower boxes, originally used as flower pots, vases, mostly porcelain, or plastic, in order to meet the needs of the road landscape, now more solid use.

Beds and storage cabinets, etc., by cutting the cane into extremely thin and flat canes and weaving them into various patterns for the back of the chair, the cabinet door or the rattan. The original processing procedure of rattan material is quite complicated, and it must be processed through steaming, drying, bleaching, anti-virus, sterilization and other processes.

After strict processing, rattan furniture has good flexibility, strong breathability, natural texture, refreshing hand, comfortable and chic, and ergonomics. Appearance, the rattan furniture is elegant and flat, beautiful and elegant, close to nature, with high appreciation. The origin of the rattan furniture is one of the old furniture.

Chairs such as tables have long used vines to make a variety of furniture. Lightweight, cool and durable.

1 Rattan is a cloth-like semi-finished product that weaves the cane skin into a growing length. Specifications are 37 ~ 89cm long, the pattern is different, you can cut at will. Mostly used for interior decoration. Rattan furniture and other four types of rattan woven rattan seats mainly have more than 5,000 varieties of vines and vines;

Outdoor modern personality furniture - what is rattan furniture? What kind of it?

2 rattan chairs, etc. Since the 1980s, frames, bookshelves, teacup sets, flower pot sets and frogs, pandas, elephants and other toys.

Rattan sofas can be said to be rattan sofas, meaning the same, rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture in history. The rattan furniture rattan is from Indonesian natural rattan.

Located in the equator, Indonesia is a typical tropical rainforest climate. The sun and rain are abundant all year round. Every corner of the island is volcanic ash left after the volcanic eruption, which is very fertile.

Under this unique natural condition, the growing vine is very full and well-proportioned, thick and strong, the rattan texture is firm, the toughness is strong, and the heat conduction performance is poor, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture as a style of personality furniture, I think this furniture design is very good for me to customize modern personality furniture!

The meaning and artistic conception of interior furniture design

The meaning and artistic conception of interior furniture design

First, the significance of personality furniture design

With the advancement of society and the prosperity of modern science, the towering reinforced concrete buildings in the city, large glass walls, and various metal materials have drowned people’s lives in a large and empty industrial production environment. In such a city, these constitute a lonely, dull space, people are increasingly unable to breathe, people expect natural leisure, and strongly pursue the living space of individuality.

The meaning and artistic conception of interior furniture design

Therefore, furniture products such as plants, green and environmentally friendly furniture are all we need, because the family is always our safe haven, furniture is the main body of the family, no doubt, we need healthy, warm and comfortable furniture decoration. This space will be filled with softness, vitality, warmth and vitality.

People use their wisdom and hands to create a home civilization. We are very satisfied both physically and spiritually. At the same time, highly developed industrial civilization is also dissolving the foundation of people’s existence. As time goes by, people gradually begin to pay attention to the living environment. The first thing to do is to improve the most environmentally friendly interiors and the furniture we have most exposed to everyday.

People are constantly improving the environment, putting all their own will, making their living standards better and more beautiful. This is a human furniture activity that other animals cannot match. Furniture design is part of the interior design, including the architectural spirit of the building, the design and choice of furniture and space vision, lifestyle, and human heritage. At the same time, with the development of the times, furniture activities and art gradually evolved into the current furniture art.

In the indoor life, the protagonist has the ability to create and change the environment, and create an artificial environment based on human will in the natural environment. Furniture is a major component of the art of interior furniture and it is the first practical presence. With the advancement of the times, furniture with practical functions has received more and more attention in the context of its art. From the perspective of furniture and architectural classification, it can be divided into two categories, one is practical furniture, including living room furniture, storage furniture such as beds, sofas, wardrobes and so on. The other is decorative furniture, including furniture bookcases, wall paintings, etc.

The luminaires in the interior furniture play an important role in lighting, from the type of lamp and the type of view, because indoor lighting is mainly ceiling lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lights, safety lights, and the like.

Second, the furniture design creates and sets the mood of the indoor environment

The artistic conception of the indoor environment is to form the overall beauty of the space through a series of environmental designs such as the layout of the interior space, the style of the furniture, and the matching of the material texture, creating a sense of artistic conception of the space, which deeply feels the inherent personality of the design. The mood, taste and other connotations.

It is a society in which designers integrate the various elements of culture, science, technology, and production, and the mutual penetration of psychology, ergonomics, and humanities, and the combination of natural factors and human and social factors. process. Through the objective and real “view” expressed by the indoor form, the “love” of people’s pleasure is evoked. The process of blending this situation is the process of generating the artistic conception of the indoor environment.

The meaning and artistic conception of interior furniture design

This kind of space is a space full of vitality, but it is definitely not a copy of the traditional stacked space. Otherwise, the space will not have any moving parts and will not feel the atmosphere and mood of the space.

The artistic concept of the indoor environment is to form the overall beauty of the space through the layout of the interior space, the style of the furniture, and the matching of the materials. This will give people a deep sense of the inherent personality of design, mood, taste and other connotations. It is a designer’s integration of various elements through culture, science, technology, production, psychology, ergonomics, human science and natural factors, the penetration of human and social factors, reflecting a social process. The indoor form shown by the objective reality “indoor” evokes the joy of people, “the situation”, which is the representative process of the beauty of the integrated design art of the indoor environment design process. The vibrant space of this space is full of energy, but it cannot replicate traditional spaces. Otherwise there will be no room to move and feel the atmosphere of space and mood.

It can be said that modern personality furniture design has been accepted and recognized by more and more people. Would you go to customize furniture?

Customized Smart Home – The 20th China Chengdu Furniture Fair

Customized Smart Home - The 20th China Chengdu Furniture Fair

Yesterday, the 20th Chengdu Furniture Fair entered the second day. During the exhibition, the reporter found that the furniture exhibition in the custom smart home, the display panel showed more types of business, product style more yuan, design expression More fashionable, smarter and more innovative. It is noteworthy that Chengdu furniture enterprises have already broken the regional boundaries and have expanded their distribution to Sichuan and even abroad. With Chengdu as the R&D center, the home industry pattern of the expansion of the manufacturing base is gradually taking shape.

Customized Smart Home - The 20th China Chengdu Furniture Fair

Look at the placement effect through the VR system to solve the choice problem for the consumer!

According to the staff of Chengdu Erica Household Products Co., Ltd., custom home can not only find the cool technology sense pursued after 80s and 90s as the main force of house purchase and decoration, but also bring comfort and safety to life. Convenient, “age + scenes, hobbies + scenes and other scene-based consumption models, perhaps become another breakthrough in custom home development.”

So how should customization be done? “You can design the site according to the type of the home. It takes only 5 minutes to see how the furniture is placed at home.” In the Cool City Music Zone of the Century City Hall 4, the reporter saw that the consumer can work in the furniture business store. The system chooses the shape and color of the furniture, and then looks at the effect of the designed furniture in the room through the VR system. After the satisfaction, the order can be placed on site.

In fact, since the establishment of the custom home museum for the first time in 2016, Chengdu Furniture Fair has been perfecting the customized smart home display panel. The person in charge of the Chengdu Furniture Exhibition said, “After four years of continuous upgrading, the display sector has been simplistically displayed from the beginning of custom home products and custom home single-machine production equipment, to the supporting products, intelligent design software, integrated production lines and other industries. Chain Block Extension – We will provide more professional and diversified product and service options for national buyers and distributors.”

The rise of “Chuanpai Customization”

Southern Home has three manufacturing bases in Sichuan, Hubei and Henan, which can respond quickly to market demand. Yichuan Home, the leading company of “Chuanpai Customization”, not only has a large-scale production base in Chengdu, but also lays its manufacturing base to Jingmen, Hubei. It has accelerated the response to the eastern market; the new Yuede-style custom home has turned its attention to the vocational education of smart homes, and has reached cooperation with domestic and foreign universities such as Rosenheim University and Sichuan Agricultural University to cultivate and deliver more. Home design talent…

In the interview process yesterday, the reporter found that Chengdu furniture enterprises have already broken the development of regional boundaries, and have expanded to Sichuan and even foreign countries. With Chengdu as the R&D center, the manufacturing industry is expanding.

In fact, a set of data from the exhibition can also confirm this: Chengdu furniture industry is one of the traditional advantageous industries in the industrial economy of Chengdu, which ranks among the best in terms of sales value. In 2018, the total output value of the furniture industry in Chengdu reached 95 billion yuan, with nearly 8,000 production enterprises and a business scale of 3.5 million square meters. At the same time, after 20 years of development, the “Exhibition + Industry” mutual development model created by Chengdu Furniture Exhibition promoted the flourishing development of Chengdu furniture industry. Chengdu has thus become one of the four major furniture production bases in China and the capital of furniture trade. First, China’s largest production base for panel furniture and upholstered furniture, “Chengdu makes good furniture” has become a regional brand in China’s furniture industry.

In this regard, the person in charge of the Chengdu Furniture Fair said that at present, more and more furniture companies are beginning to get involved in real estate, home improvement, jewelry, layout of more industries with cross-border thinking, to achieve the development of the big home industry “out of the circle”, “and Many Chengdu furniture companies have not only expanded in China, but also built R&D centers in Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries, using international high-quality design and R&D resources to promote the upgrade of the furniture industry in Chengdu.”

Customized Smart Home - The 20th China Chengdu Furniture Fair

Home observation

Zhang Chuanxi, Executive Chairman of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture and Decoration Industry Association:

Breaking the “homogeneity” design and development, supply chain innovation “two hands”

In recent years, as more and more companies have entered the custom home industry, the problem of “homogeneity” has become more serious. In this regard, Zhang Chuanxi, executive director of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association, shared his views on design and supply chain innovation in an interview with reporters yesterday.

In Zhang Chuanxi’s view, the key to doing a good job is to return to the customer-centered, and carefully study the attributes, lifestyles, and research on product functions, especially storage. “Now there are more quality custom brands in the industry. From the perspective of design and quality, they all reach international standards, and behind them are actually companies that pay attention to design.”

Innovation in the supply chain is also the key to product innovation. “It is not enough to create a design system by itself. The company must also have a supply chain system to support it.” Zhang Chuanxi believes that designers should not just draw or go to the exhibition hall to see the product, and vice versa. More and more into the supplier’s factory and research and development workshops, to find unique raw materials from the supply chain exhibition, instead of focusing all the energy on the exhibition.

Personality Furniture is one of the family’s happy sources, and reasonable custom furniture design allows you to get a more comfortable home!