One of the most important selection points for outdoor furniture is this!

One of the most important selection points for outdoor furniture is this!

It’s really wonderful to enjoy the sun at home, so choosing outdoor furniture must not be sloppy. Careful selection can guarantee quality life, and professional and healthy outdoor furniture is the king.

First of all, if it is placed outdoors for a long time, it is inevitable that the wind will be exposed to the sun. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the home for certain deformation and fading. Generally, most of the woods are fir and pine. However, in the choice of connectors, it is necessary to be careful, because it is related to the sturdiness of outdoor furniture, and can not be placed on the wind for a few days.

One of the most important selection points for outdoor furniture is this!

Therefore, its self-importance is relatively heavy, and it must be firmly connected to the ground and fixed by ropes or buried. In the connection of outdoor furniture parts, it is usually spliced or metal parts. Generally, the metal parts are stronger than the joints. However, the splicing is not only firm, but there is room for movement between the parts. Increased structural stability. Moreover, the furniture is also more idyllic and natural, but it must be crafted.

Choosing outdoor furniture is very particular, the most important thing is the material. Wood is the preferred material. Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose wood with large oil content, such as fir, pine, teak, etc., and must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment; the production process is also very important, because the deformation is inevitable because of long-term exposure. If the process is not good, the furniture is likely to fall apart because the splicing is not strong or the expansion coefficient is wrong; in addition, the wooden outdoor furniture needs to be often maintained with wood oil or paint.

Compared to wooden outdoor furniture, metal is more durable, aluminum or water-treated alloy is the best, but pay attention to prevent impact.

Bamboo rattan outdoor furniture is beautiful, but the price is high, and it is difficult to take care of, it is easy to accumulate dust and mold, so we must choose good quality and special treatment. However, there is a kind of rattan outdoor furniture in the market — Xi Teng, the price is cheaper than the rattan system, dirty brushing is good, and durable, more suitable for outdoor use.

Choose the material and also consider the style of the room. From the material itself, in addition to performance, there are still some features and techniques in the style to coordinate with the overall style. In general, wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for the modern, minimalist style of indoor environment, the line is generally based on straight lines, and some exaggerated shapes are better. For the environment that likes the rural style, the natural color of the wood is perfect, the natural texture and temperament are easier to coordinate, creating a calm and natural living atmosphere through delicate lines and details, so that the nervous body and mind can be relaxed and complicated. More romantic life.

Creating personality furniture is inseparable from furniture design, modern personality furniture design to meet your various needs!

What are the interior design of individual furniture?

What are the interior design of individual furniture?

Personality furniture is inseparable from design, furniture design is a way for many people to customize furniture for their own family. Today we talk about interior design:

Interior design is a comprehensive subject with a wide range of content and a wide range of specialties. It is roughly divided into the following four parts:

What are the interior design of individual furniture?

The spatial image design is to process the internal space provided by the building, to re-process the internal space defined by the building, and to re-define it based on the existing space-scale decoration art design. Under the principle of not violating the basic principles and ergonomics, re-explain the scale and proportional relationship, and better solve the problem of the unity, contrast and the connection of the face line after the transformation.

The interior decoration design is mainly for the six major interfaces of the interior space of the building. According to certain design requirements, the secondary treatment is carried out, that is, the treatment of the ceiling, the wall and the ground, and the entity and semi-entity of the space. And other internal interface processing. The building interface itself can also be processed if conditions permit.

Learning interior decoration design is closely integrated with practical engineering. At the same time, this is an important step to realize the designer’s design intention. In modern interior design education, it is also a breakthrough in combining design ideas with time.

The design of the indoor physical environment, this part is mainly for the quality of the indoor space environment and the adjustment design, mainly the indoor somatosensory climate: the design of the heating and decorating art design, ventilation, temperature regulation, etc., is an extremely important aspect of modern design. It is also an integral part of the “people-oriented” thinking that reflects design. With the development of the times, the humanized design and creation of artificial environment has become the standard for measuring the quality of indoor environment.

In this process, the development and application of science and technology play a major role, which mainly refers to various methods, methods, instruments and equipment that can transform the quality of indoor environment. However, indoor environmental quality also includes the introduction of environmental visual perception, for example, the use of external natural environmental factors to change the quality of indoor visual environment.

The interior design art design is mainly for the design and treatment of interior furniture, equipment, decorative fabrics, furnishings, lighting, and greening.

The above four parts clarify the content that interior design should include in the design process, and the classification of interior design can be roughly divided into three categories:

What are the interior design of individual furniture?

Habitat environment interior design, limited public interior design and non-restricted public interior design. In the interior design of human settlements, it mainly refers to the design of living environment such as houses, various apartments and dormitory. The interior design of limited public space mainly refers to the interior space of buildings such as schools, kindergartens, office buildings and churches; non-restricted public spaces. Interior design mainly refers to hotels, cinemas, entertainment spaces, exhibition spaces, libraries, stadiums, railway stations, terminals, shops and integrated commercial facilities.

There are many types of interior design, and the professional content covers a wide range. How to coordinate and handle the design requires that the interior designer must have a high degree of artistic accomplishment and master modern technology and materials, process knowledge and the ability to solve practical problems.

The spatial image design is to process the internal space provided by the building, to re-process the internal space defined by the building, and to re-define it based on the existing space-scale decoration art design. Under the principle of not violating the basic principles and ergonomics, re-explain the scale and proportional relationship, and better solve the problem of the unity, contrast and the connection of the face line after the transformation.

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Five spatial layouts for interior bedroom design

Five spatial layouts for interior bedroom design

After the space is determined, the interior design becomes the main component and executor of the indoor environment function. Therefore, furniture is an important part of interior design. The purpose of interior design is to create an environment that is best suited to people’s work or life. Different indoor environments require different furnishings and different furniture configurations. In other words, the shape and function of the furniture should meet the needs of the indoor environment.

Five spatial layouts for interior bedroom design

1、Furniture and bedroom

The bedroom is a space for people to rest and have special requirements for privacy and tranquility. The basic function of the bedroom is divided into two aspects: on the one hand, it requires the basic requirements of rest and sleep; on the other hand, it must be suitable for leisure, work, dressing and hygiene. And the layout of the environment is the focus of the individual characteristics of the overall spatial pattern.

Studies have shown that at least one-third of a person’s life is spent in the bedroom. To this end, the bedroom is arranged to provide comfort and relaxation. First, consider the factors such as the size, shape, layout, number of users and orientation of the bedroom, and then select the type and style of furniture according to practical purposes and comprehensive factors. The main functional area in the bedroom is the sleeping area. The main furniture in this area is the bed and the bedside local light source is set up to meet the needs of bedside reading. The placement of the bed should be rational and scientific. The dressing table, mirror and dressing stool are the main furniture in the dressing area of the bedroom.

2、Furniture and study

The study is a space for people to study, study and study. The furniture in the study is mainly composed of a desk, a table and chairs. Bookcase styles are broadly divided into Tongtian, single, combined, angled, suspended and mobile. The style is different from other types of furniture styles, requiring a simple design, highlighting the study theme, with a solemn, elegant and generous style. In the styling, the paper seeks to have a convex and concave shape, a moderately high aspect ratio, a reasonable format distribution, and a beautiful overall structure, which results in a uniform balance. In terms of color, the ambient color of the study and the color of the furniture are mostly cold, which helps the user to balance their mood and balance their emotions. The simple furniture layout can highlight the owner’s ambition and taste, giving a sense of elegance. Furniture should be purchased and placed according to personal preferences and cultivation.

3、Furniture and living room

The living room is a place to pick up guests. It is a space open to the public in the family. Whether the layout of the living room is natural and appropriate directly affects the mood and interest of the guests. Therefore, the layout and style of the living room environment should take into account the factors of the guests, and emphasize the beauty of harmony, coordination and unity.

Living room furniture is usually sofa (single, double, multi-person and various combination sofas), several, easy chair, cabinet, combination cabinet, floor and so on. The design of the living room furniture depends on the size, format and orientation of the living room. The style of the furniture should be solemn, generous, proportion coordinated and beautiful. In terms of color, the color of the living room furniture should be consistent with the color of the room. The elegant and bright warm colors can enhance the atmosphere and make the space feel bright and comfortable.

The design and layout of the living room furniture must be reasonable, beautiful, quiet, elegant, and distinct, giving people ample space for activities, and should not make people feel squeezing. In addition, we must also consider the cultural quality, occupation, hobbies and economic conditions of the host, and make reasonable design and layout, to avoid simply pursuing luxury.

4.Furniture and kitchen

With the improvement of living standards, traditional kitchen spaces and simple furniture can no longer meet the needs of modern life. So how to create a kitchen space suitable for modern living order within a limited area is an important topic of interior design.

In order to do a good job in the interior layout of the kitchen space, you should first understand the cooking procedures of the kitchen. This process is organized into three main parts, namely, cooking and storage. These three parts should be completed in a reasonable, convenient and orderly process.

The kitchen is limited in size and needs to make the most of the space. The combination of the above-mentioned set of cabinets not only solves the storage problem, but also utilizes the space, and it is also very convenient to take the instruments during the operation. In addition, the lower space of the console can also be closed for storage, so that the entire kitchen space is well organized and clean. The layout of the kitchen furniture should pay attention to the size of the human body. The height of the general workbench is 85-90cm, the distance between the row and the cooktop is about 60-80cm, and there is a washing tank on the operation table. To ensure that the person does not touch the hanging cabinet above the console when using the washing tub, the cabinet is off the ground. The minimum distance is 145cm, or the minimum distance between the wall cabinet and the pool should be 56cm, and the appropriate back.

5、Furniture and dinette

The average family has a relatively separate space for meals. The size depends on the number of people dining. The dining table has a great influence on the atmosphere of the meal. If space permits, use a large dining table whenever possible. The round dining table makes the dining atmosphere soft, and the square table takes up more space, but it is more convenient to use.

The chair should match the table as much as possible, and share the same design language as the table in terms of shape, structure, material, color, texture, etc. The height of the dining table and chairs has corresponding standards in the design of the middle and the table. The western dining table is generally rectangular in shape and its height is between 630 and 680 mm. Because the Western food uses a knife and fork, the table is slightly lower to make the knife and fork easy to operate; the height of the table is slightly higher than the western table, generally between 680-750mm, the height of the chair is about 430mm, and the Chinese and Western table chairs are basically the same. .

The dining table can be designed to be folded, and can be folded up at ordinary times. The Eight Immortals table in the Chinese dining table can be changed into a round table by folding; the small square table can be changed into a long Western table. This form is common in families and restaurants.

In the business-style restaurant, the table is highly demanded, and the table itself is not too high. The key is that the shape of the chair should be novel and match the environment to create a distinctive dining atmosphere.

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What is outdoor furniture? We’ve grouped it into three categories

What is outdoor furniture? We've grouped it into three categories

Outdoor furniture is divided into three categories.

Households According to a designer specializing in outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture can now be divided into three categories.

What is outdoor furniture? We've grouped it into three categories

Choose the right product according to your own space size. One category is permanently fixed to outdoor furniture, such as wooden pavilions, wooden tables and chairs, iron tables and chairs.

Generally this kind of furniture to have good anti-corrosion, weight is also relatively heavy, long-term outdoor.

There is also a category of outdoor furniture can be moved, such as rattan art, wood art and other furniture, when used to put outdoor, when not used can be put in the room, can also be used, so this kind of furniture is more comfortable, do not consider so many strong and anti-corrosion performance, can add some cloth art and so on. Another kind of outdoor furniture can be carried, such as small dining table, dining chair and parasol, such furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy and canvas, the requirements of light weight, easy to carry, field travel, fishing are very suitable, the best can also bring some outdoor equipment, such as barbecue stove, tents and so on, Can add a lot of fun to the outdoors.

As furniture itself, its narrow definition refers to the use of indoor life apparatus, it is the building space to produce concrete practical value of the necessary facilities, in a broad sense, furniture is people’s life, work, social activities indispensable equipment and a to meet the needs of life for the purpose of the pursuit of visual expression and ideals of the common product. It can therefore be considered that outdoor furniture mainly refers to furniture used outdoors or semi-outdoor for public activities.

It is an important element in determining the material basis of the spatial function of a building outdoor (including space outside the sky, also known as “grey space”) and the expression of the form of outdoor space.

The characteristic sdistinguishing outdoor furniture from the general furniture lies in its “props” as the constituent elements of the urban landscape environment, but also the characteristics of “publicity” and “communication” in the general sense. As an important part of the whole furniture, the basic content of outdoor furniture generally refers to the rest facilities in the city landscape facilities.

What is outdoor furniture? We've grouped it into three categories

For example, rest tables, chairs, etc. for outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces.

As furniture itself, the narrow definition of “furniture” refers to the equipment applied in indoor life, which is the necessary facility to make the building space produce concrete practical value, and in a broad sense, furniture is an indispensable tool for people’s life, work and social activities and a common product for the purpose of meeting the needs of life, the pursuit of visual expression and ideals. It can therefore be considered that outdoor furniture mainly refers to furniture used outdoors or semi-outdoor for public activities.

It is an important element that determines the material basis of the function of the outdoor space in the building and expresses the form of outdoor space.

The characteristic sdistinguishing outdoor furniture from the general furniture lies in its “props” as the constituent elements of the urban landscape environment, but also the characteristics of “publicity” and “communication” in the general sense.

Of course, in addition to outdoor design furniture, we can also look at the interior design furniture, these are representatives of modern personality furniture, can help you better access information.

Top 10 Outdoor Furniture Brands 2019

Top 10 Outdoor Furniture Brands 2019

When it comes to furniture, more people think of interior furniture, but with the changing living standards and lifestyle, outdoor furniture is also more and more popular. Unlike the general family furniture, the biggest difference between outdoor furniture is the object of its use, the space is different, outdoor furniture has a certain degree of publicity and communication, while outdoor furniture is the most important component of urban landscape facilities.

Top 10 Outdoor Furniture Brands 2019

Do you know what outdoor furniture brands are?

Favan Carlock. As a leading brand of high-end garden home, Pfeiffer Furniture has been focusing on the design and production of high-end outdoor furniture since 1985, and has joined hands with well-known American furniture designers to create the American furniture brand Carlock. Fifan brand furniture adhere to the classic, the pursuit of quality, but also closely combined with the taste of the times lifestyle to absorb advanced technology and design concepts in Europe and the United States, into the modern humanities, art and aesthetics; The service’s global customers include Restorationhardware, Frontgate, Lexingtony and the century-old British company HartmanUK, which is currently in the United States, Canada,
Major manufacturers of aluminum outdoor furniture in markets such as the United Kingdom.

Holy poem. Sacred poetry home is officially landed in China in 2006, is committed to the interpretation of consumers a healthy concept of life, leading a fashion lifestyle. Products from the design concept, structure to the selection of materials every detail experience is interpreted to consumers a new concept and way of life. Its brands include the United Kingdom GLOSTER, TUUCI, Belgium ROYAL BOTANIA, Germany DEDON and other international top outdoor home classics, imaginative and design taste of dining table chairs, lounge chairs, beach chairs, hammocks and a variety of sofas and other furniture, hystia outdoor furniture can be arranged in the garden leisure areas such as courtyards, swimming pools, cafes and clubhouses.

Agio, who has been in the U.S. for more than 30 years, has been a leader in the high-end fashion and casual furniture industry. Agio leads the world’s latest trend of home improvement, so that living space is no longer limited to indoor living rooms, study and bedroom, so that consumers began to pay attention to the sun room, balcony and garden, which are closer to the natural, leisure and comfortable open space, and make the function of these spaces have been maximized,
Design a series of outdoor lying bed, dining table chair, swing, and even more comfortable sofa sets, bar chairs, outdoor sun beds and other products.

Avery is a German professional outdoor leisure home brand, born in 1977. EVERITE products using rattan, titanium wood, Teslin and stainless steel and other different materials, unique creativity, excellent quality, highlighting the customer’s taste in life, EVERITE is Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, the necessary brand of high-quality leisure life.

As an outstanding brand in the high-end garden home sector, SORARA has been providing high-quality garden home products to valued customers around the world since 1992, helping them to make their favorite gardens one of the most important places for family and friends to relax and entertain. These products include parasols, outdoor furniture, barbecue utensils, car pontoons, etc.

DLF Dorafi-Design by-california heritage of American high-end classic furniture style, design from the United States, California, the design style internationalization, its brand under several product systems for foreign users like, outdoor umbrellas, high-end cast aluminum outdoor tables and chairs and other product sales network throughout the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and other mainstream outdoor furniture market, its positioning of outdoor furniture in the high-end brand, products regardless of design and quality are excellent, in the quality requirements of the crowd have a good reputation and brand foundation. In 2016, the first drafiDLF Marker parasol sedats a private fully customized product to provide personalized professional services to more personalized users.

Top 10 Outdoor Furniture Brands 2019

The “YOTRIO Utrio” brand’s influence and visibility in the industry has been increasing. Its leisure industry will become China’s very potential and continuous growth of the field, Utrio outdoor furniture products are widely used, hotel hotels, resorts, clubs, poolside, stadiums, beaches, coffee bars, teahouses, high-end entertainment venues, parks, golf courses, tennis courts, commercial and leisure venues, villas, sky gardens, Terraces, balconies, etc. are important potential customers. Because outdoor furniture is mainly used in outdoor places, product losses are fast, customer repeated consumption makes the outdoor furniture products market maintaina stable and rapid growth trend.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1999, Artie Has been focusing on providing high-end outdoor furniture to its customers for 13 years. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, to outdoor furniture export business, in the process of foreign trade, found that China’s manufacturing due to quality problems and lack of original value, by the international market contempt, so as to deeply understand the importance of original design for the brand.

MBM is a well-known German furniture company, with a special focus on the production and manufacture of outdoor furniture. The main products include outdoor furniture, rattan chairs, garden furniture, garden furniture, outdoor leisure furniture, solid wood leisure tables and chairs, marble tables and chairs, as well as customized products specially available to designers. It is not only a display of quality of life, but also the interpretation of different attitudes to life.

Kandi Garden Company is the first retail enterprise to distribute garden supplies. After eight years of continuous efforts, has now developed into a garden supplies whole category integrated marketing and has the development of the overall garden design and construction maintenance capacity of the chain. Kandi Garden operates eight categories, serving everything from building materials, outdoor furniture, shade systems, gardening tools, garden supplies to garden maintenance and management.