Palace mahogany furniture – classical traditional personality furniture

Palace mahogany furniture - classical traditional personality furniture

In recent years, the return of Chinese traditional cultural life, more and more people are beginning to be fascinated by Chinese classical mahogany furniture, the “shape, material, art, rhyme” of mahogany furniture is the embodiment of its charm. As the best of the traditional furniture furniture, the palace mahogany furniture shows an unparalleled honor.

Palace mahogany furniture - classical traditional personality furniture

Palace mahogany furniture, as the name suggests, is the mahogany furniture used in the palace. In our feudal society, the court is the center of state power and has absolute honor. Therefore, in the production of palace furniture, we can gather skilled craftsmen, take rare wood, and show the traditional crafts of carving, enameling, inlaying and footing of Chinese furniture. Got it all out.

Palace mahogany furniture is extremely sophisticated in the selection of materials and materials, generally use the most precious red wood quality such as precious yellow pear, red sandalwood. In the use of materials, in order to achieve fine selection, generally use large materials or monoliths, using the most advanced parts of texture and color, so the palace mahogany furniture is very expensive.

In addition to the selection of mahogany, the palace mahogany often uses some precious accessories to set off the noble of the royal family. For example, in the Qing court furniture, there are many kinds of decoration, such as inlay, jade, inlay, inlay, inlay. Films, inlaid treasures, etc., these decorative materials are mainly purchased from the field, and the price is expensive.

In the furniture design of individual furniture, the court mahogany furniture is extremely tall in shape compared with the general furniture. It shows the majestic atmosphere, the shape is magnificent, and the size is large, which sets off the domineering of the king.

During the Qing Dynasty, the court furniture organization was the house of the government. There were strict size standards for the tables, chairs and beds in the palace. Different sizes of furniture used by people of different status also set different standards. The sense of nobleness and majesty in the design style is the most important. For example, the emperor’s seat must show the emperor’s ninety-five, and the queen’s seat will set off the queen’s master.

The 5,000-year history of civilization of the Chinese nation has created a splendid, profound and profound national culture. As an important carrier of Chinese culture, the design concept of mahogany furniture is naturally influenced by Chinese traditional culture.

The philosophy of “Heaven and Man” has a profound influence on the design concept of mahogany furniture. Reflected in the design of mahogany furniture, it is the choice of the original wood quality and its use of wood texture. With its solid texture, elegant color and beautiful natural beauty, mahogany furniture fully expresses the beauty of creation and nature with its stable and sleek, simple and smooth beauty, as well as the beauty of vivid shapes such as circle chairs, dental plates and horseshoe feet. Harmony.

The traditional mahogany furniture is rich in color but not dull, gorgeous and not glamorous, which fully reflects the traditional Chinese “moderate” philosophy. The strict scale of mahogany furniture, the design concept of square and square in the garden, reflects the philosophical thoughts of ancient Chinese heaven and earth.

Palace mahogany furniture - classical traditional personality furniture

The contrast between the curve and the straight line, the soft and the medium, the virtual and the real, the smart and calm mahogany furniture design concept fully shows the religious creed of “conforming to nature, advocating frugality” in religious culture, “not to be happy, not to be sad” The principle of doing things and the value orientation of “holding the truth and being silent, doing nothing.”

The carving of a large number of auspicious patterns by personality furniture is the influence of people’s aesthetic thinking on the design concept of mahogany furniture. These exquisite auspicious patterns not only play a very good decorative role, but also add a little bit of blessing and auspicious meaning to modern personality furniture, satisfying people’s spiritual needs.