Customized Smart Home – The 20th China Chengdu Furniture Fair

Customized Smart Home - The 20th China Chengdu Furniture Fair

Yesterday, the 20th Chengdu Furniture Fair entered the second day. During the exhibition, the reporter found that the furniture exhibition in the custom smart home, the display panel showed more types of business, product style more yuan, design expression More fashionable, smarter and more innovative. It is noteworthy that Chengdu furniture enterprises have already broken the regional boundaries and have expanded their distribution to Sichuan and even abroad. With Chengdu as the R&D center, the home industry pattern of the expansion of the manufacturing base is gradually taking shape.

Customized Smart Home - The 20th China Chengdu Furniture Fair

Look at the placement effect through the VR system to solve the choice problem for the consumer!

According to the staff of Chengdu Erica Household Products Co., Ltd., custom home can not only find the cool technology sense pursued after 80s and 90s as the main force of house purchase and decoration, but also bring comfort and safety to life. Convenient, “age + scenes, hobbies + scenes and other scene-based consumption models, perhaps become another breakthrough in custom home development.”

So how should customization be done? “You can design the site according to the type of the home. It takes only 5 minutes to see how the furniture is placed at home.” In the Cool City Music Zone of the Century City Hall 4, the reporter saw that the consumer can work in the furniture business store. The system chooses the shape and color of the furniture, and then looks at the effect of the designed furniture in the room through the VR system. After the satisfaction, the order can be placed on site.

In fact, since the establishment of the custom home museum for the first time in 2016, Chengdu Furniture Fair has been perfecting the customized smart home display panel. The person in charge of the Chengdu Furniture Exhibition said, “After four years of continuous upgrading, the display sector has been simplistically displayed from the beginning of custom home products and custom home single-machine production equipment, to the supporting products, intelligent design software, integrated production lines and other industries. Chain Block Extension – We will provide more professional and diversified product and service options for national buyers and distributors.”

The rise of “Chuanpai Customization”

Southern Home has three manufacturing bases in Sichuan, Hubei and Henan, which can respond quickly to market demand. Yichuan Home, the leading company of “Chuanpai Customization”, not only has a large-scale production base in Chengdu, but also lays its manufacturing base to Jingmen, Hubei. It has accelerated the response to the eastern market; the new Yuede-style custom home has turned its attention to the vocational education of smart homes, and has reached cooperation with domestic and foreign universities such as Rosenheim University and Sichuan Agricultural University to cultivate and deliver more. Home design talent…

In the interview process yesterday, the reporter found that Chengdu furniture enterprises have already broken the development of regional boundaries, and have expanded to Sichuan and even foreign countries. With Chengdu as the R&D center, the manufacturing industry is expanding.

In fact, a set of data from the exhibition can also confirm this: Chengdu furniture industry is one of the traditional advantageous industries in the industrial economy of Chengdu, which ranks among the best in terms of sales value. In 2018, the total output value of the furniture industry in Chengdu reached 95 billion yuan, with nearly 8,000 production enterprises and a business scale of 3.5 million square meters. At the same time, after 20 years of development, the “Exhibition + Industry” mutual development model created by Chengdu Furniture Exhibition promoted the flourishing development of Chengdu furniture industry. Chengdu has thus become one of the four major furniture production bases in China and the capital of furniture trade. First, China’s largest production base for panel furniture and upholstered furniture, “Chengdu makes good furniture” has become a regional brand in China’s furniture industry.

In this regard, the person in charge of the Chengdu Furniture Fair said that at present, more and more furniture companies are beginning to get involved in real estate, home improvement, jewelry, layout of more industries with cross-border thinking, to achieve the development of the big home industry “out of the circle”, “and Many Chengdu furniture companies have not only expanded in China, but also built R&D centers in Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries, using international high-quality design and R&D resources to promote the upgrade of the furniture industry in Chengdu.”

Customized Smart Home - The 20th China Chengdu Furniture Fair

Home observation

Zhang Chuanxi, Executive Chairman of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture and Decoration Industry Association:

Breaking the “homogeneity” design and development, supply chain innovation “two hands”

In recent years, as more and more companies have entered the custom home industry, the problem of “homogeneity” has become more serious. In this regard, Zhang Chuanxi, executive director of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association, shared his views on design and supply chain innovation in an interview with reporters yesterday.

In Zhang Chuanxi’s view, the key to doing a good job is to return to the customer-centered, and carefully study the attributes, lifestyles, and research on product functions, especially storage. “Now there are more quality custom brands in the industry. From the perspective of design and quality, they all reach international standards, and behind them are actually companies that pay attention to design.”

Innovation in the supply chain is also the key to product innovation. “It is not enough to create a design system by itself. The company must also have a supply chain system to support it.” Zhang Chuanxi believes that designers should not just draw or go to the exhibition hall to see the product, and vice versa. More and more into the supplier’s factory and research and development workshops, to find unique raw materials from the supply chain exhibition, instead of focusing all the energy on the exhibition.

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