Shocked! This is the deadly furniture in the house!

Shocked! This is the deadly furniture in the house!

The little things that happen in the life around us about furniture, for your children, you also have to look! “Children were killed when they were hit by the furniture of a well-known brand that was overturned!”

Shocked! This is the deadly furniture in the house!

In a neighborhood of Hengyang City, two children were locked in a closet while they were playing hide-and-seek, only to eventually suffocate them.

The Hunan boy was found suffocated to death after being caught in a gap in the guardrail by his bed.

The 4-month-old baby fell into the bed and fell into an intracranial hematoma.

A boy in Boro fell down on a stool to collect a toy, and the old-fashioned wardrobe poked his hand into the child’s chest.

The boy in Minnesota was crushed to the ground by a five-bellied cabinet and was found not breathing.

Quanzhou City Luojiang District, a community, 9-year-old girl accidentally by the wardrobe buckled on the ground, unable to get out of trouble, the family had to call the police for help.

To this day, such shocking news still often appears in life, and frequent accidents can hurt families, even permanently. Many parents-to-be think that home is the safest harbor, the result of the daily use of furniture at home actually “hidden” potentially hurt children’s life-threatening furniture.

Due to the negligence of the product manufacturer and the user, it is easy to cause irreversible consequences!

That today small editor according to the vast number of netizens experience summary, to Bao Ma Bao Dad said what the family’s dangerous furniture.

1, easy to reverse the structure of the cabinet.
2, smell heavy furniture.
3, no vents but suitable for playing hide-and-seek cabinet.
4, sharp corner of the table.
5, fragile glass furniture.
6, there is no safety guardrail bunk high bed.
7, may cause suffocation of the pull rope curtain.
8, easy to fall off the drawer. 9, can reach into the child’s finger door, may cause the child to pinch the door.

Shocked! This is the deadly furniture in the house!

The small compilation summarizes the valuable experience of the vast number of netizens, but it may not be comprehensive enough, detailed.
It is reported that the domestic well-known children’s furniture brand colorful life based on the experience of the summary and national standards, European standards to develop a big gift, to give to all father-to-be mothers-to-be.

Colorful life summed up the anti-suffocation, fall-free and other as many as 11 structural safety indicators of the “care treasure safety standards”, all-round care of children growing up.

In addition to the “Care Treasure Safety Standards”, Colorful Life also summarized covering all kinds of heavy metals, chemical injury, toxic dyes, formaldehyde and other environmental indicators of up to 9 environmental protection indicators of the “breathing treasure environmental standards”, sheltering children’s health.

In addition, Colorful Life also did up to 39 mandatory testing items of the “Peace of Mind Treasure Testing Standard.” Having seen the above comprehensive and detailed colorful life unique three standard system, I believe that all parents-to-be and mom and dad on the safety of furniture purchase standards are at heart.