Panel furniture VS solid wood furniture?

Panel furniture VS solid wood furniture?

“Plate furniture is rich in color, diverse in shape, and inexpensive, but not environmentally friendly.”

“The solid wood furniture is monotonous and expensive, but the environmental performance is guaranteed.”

Whenever you want to buy furniture for the baby, plate furniture VS solid wood furniture?

This is a problem that has been plaguing parents. For a long time, in most parents, the above two views have been formed. So that there are the following conclusions:

Panel furniture VS solid wood furniture? If you don’t want to spend too much money, then choose panel furniture; if you have high environmental requirements, choose solid wood furniture.

Is this really true? Actually, it is not. With the improvement of children’s furniture production technology and the awareness of environmental protection and safety, the current children’s furniture is not what we thought it was.

Panel furniture can be very environmentally friendly, solid wood furniture can be very cheap!

“Many parents still have a very old idea about children’s furniture. In fact, in recent years, the technology, craftsmanship and environmental performance of children’s furniture have improved.”

Xie Bowen, the brand director of Cool Manju, told the Express reporter that many parents thought that panel furniture is not as environmentally friendly as solid wood furniture. In fact, this is not necessarily the case.

Environmentally-conscious brands will use European E0 grade plates to strictly reduce formaldehyde emissions from materials.

In addition, the good veneering and edge-sealing process can also “lock” the contaminants in the board, further reducing the release, which may not be as environmentally friendly as solid wood.

Panel furniture VS solid wood furniture? Solid wood furniture must be environmentally friendly? That is not necessarily. The pollution of solid wood furniture is related to the paint used. Generally, water-based paint and wood wax oil are relatively environmentally friendly.

Some small brands and non-standard manufacturers still use oil-based paints, and their pollution is relatively large. The products that use such furniture paints are not necessarily more environmentally friendly than the plates.

Xie Bowen said that although the current excellent children’s furniture companies may make the furniture very environmentally friendly, the market is mixed and difficult for consumers to identify.

He suggested that consumers should look for big brands when purchasing children’s furniture, and can ask the store to provide relevant test reports.

And the solid wood is not necessarily more expensive? For example, a pine tree in a cool home, the usual price of 3,000 yuan, double eleven prices only 2,000 yuan up and down, and board furniture is almost the same.

In fact, the pricing of children’s furniture is also related to its craftsmanship and cost. If the shape of solid wood is complicated and carved, the price will naturally be higher. The solid wood with simple shape and uncomplicated lines will be relatively cheaper.

Panel-type replaceable panels, solid wood to soften to remedy!

The most important thing for the panel furniture is that the furniture is rich in color and can have a cartoon theme, which is very popular among children. There are also some parents who worry that the cartoon pattern is too naive, and as the child grows up, it is easy to be outdated.

In fact, this problem is also easy to solve. The New Express reporter learned that there are already some big brands on the market that offer different panels for panel furniture.

For example, some panel furniture can change the color and pattern of the door; bed screens, screens and other accessories also have a variety of patterns to choose from, so that the furniture changes with the growth of the child; with the latest printing technology, you can also choose the pattern that the child chooses. Printed on panels such as cabinet doors and bed screens, this is an unmatched advantage of solid wood furniture.

Sticking to the use of solid wood furniture, can not meet the needs of childlike? It is not entirely. Star Art decoration designers believe that the soft color of the furniture can also make up for the monotony of solid wood furniture.

For example, a pine bed with a set of childlike Mickey-themed sheets, a choice of colourful carpets, and a wall sticker on the wall or door can make the children’s room lively.

Children’s room color is more stressful!

Panel furniture vs solid wood furniture? With the growth of children, the environment of children of different ages has different needs, especially through the creation of color atmosphere, which can better adapt to the growth needs of different stages.

Therefore, children’s rooms try to choose a variety of flexible and changeable furniture so that the room grows with the children.

Panel furniture VS solid wood furniture?

1, infants and young children (within 2 years old)

Create a three-dimensional look with bright colors!

Infants and young children have weak visual ability. Therefore, it is recommended to use bright colors with large contrast, such as lemon yellow, sky blue, etc., with light-colored furniture. This will give your child a sunny, active space.

2, childhood (2-6 years old, equivalent to kindergarten)

Contrast color culture vision!

Children in childhood are an important stage of visual formation, and proper color stimulation can help stimulate children’s vision. This stage is suitable for contrasting colors such as blue and yellow, red and green, etc., forming a jumping, lively visual sense. However, it should be noted that the proportion of color in the space should not be too large to avoid discomfort.

3, big childhood (6-10 years old, equivalent to primary school)

Add gray tone, pink color is the way!

After entering elementary school, children communicate with their peers more and more, gradually form their own personality, and will have their own preferences. For example, many girls like Barbie, HelloKitty, and Pink;

Boys like car mobilization, Mickey, blue and other elements. At this time, you can use cartoon as the theme. The main colors are pink, pink, pink, pink and other pink colors. The comfortable color not only keeps your eyes, but also makes your child feel comfortable.

4, adolescence (10 years old or older)

Use neutral colors to meet growing needs!

After the age of 10, the child gradually grew up and his personality became more prominent. Especially after entering junior high school, his heart was already a “little adult”. Therefore, it is not recommended to use too much childish pink color. It is recommended to use neutral colors, such as gray, brown, black, etc., relatively mature to meet the child’s psychological needs.

In fact, both the panel and the solid wood, as an interior design or outdoor design is very good, is the style of modern personality furniture design, what do you think?

Teach you how to shop for a good office table!

Teach you how to shop for a good office table!

  Desk stai desk, also known as office desk, suitable for middle managers, not only from the design to highlight the style, quality needs to be durable, in the function to reflect practical. Shenzhen furniture factory remind: we do not need too many checks when buying a desk, just use both hands to intuitive contact feeling, can choose a long-term companion to our desk. Below Shenzhen furniture office furniture experts with many years of experience to share some tips and methods on how to buy office furniture:

  1. Check the desktop for cracks and unevenness with your hand under the touch and slip of the desktop;
  2. Pull the drawer and computer carrier slide smoothly;
  3. Whether the combined parts have significant gaps, whether the drawers are in place;
  4. To see if the thickness of the downside surface is standard;
  5. Whether the size of the desk and the number of drawers are available to meet their needs;
  6. Hidden line slots, computers and other lines used are not exposed, to keep the desktop clean and safe to use;
  7. Shake your hand down your desk to check that the installation is secure;
  8. Boss desk: administrative desk for the boss in the leadership, the desk must be larger than the administrative desk and office screen card, and the desk is mainly solid wood-based chapter appears calm and atmospheric, the general size is: 2600M, 2800M, 3000M, 3200M, 3600M, 3800M, etc.
  9. Manager and administrative desk, mainly management-oriented, desk to have an open, smaller than the boss table size but larger than the staff table, size: 1600M, 1800M, 2000M, 2200M and so on.
  10. Finance desk, finance in the company and the important position of every boss should understand, so the financial room desk placement is very careful, the financial desk should also take into account privacy and independence, reports, attendance and reimbursement forms should have a special cabinet collection, the main size of the financial room desk is: 1400M, 1600M;
  11. Front desk: the front desk for the company’s image is very important, first impression is very important, so the size of the front desk is also very elegant, the general situation is: 2200M, 2600M, 2800M, 3000M, 3200M;
  12. Open desk: for office buildings, open desk is the largest number, but also an important part, the company can not be separated from the inside and outside, the general size is: 1200M, 1400M, 1600M;
Teach you how to shop for a good office table!

The desk is divided into a solid wood desk, a solid wood desk, and an artificial board desk. There are five areas to be aware of when shopping:

  1. Surface. When buying a desk to see if the surface of furniture material slicing plate has scratches, indentation, foam, degluing skin and glue marks and other defects. Pay attention to whether the pattern is natural and smooth.
  2. Production quality. Whether the edge profile of wood furniture is flat, the angle is very accurate, the decoration parts of the side and face to see whether its decorative parts are uniform, whether the bonding is firm, whether the trim edge is flat and smooth; Connections after installation is strong, doors, drawers are too large gaps, the general requirements are stipulated between 1.5mm to 2.0mm, doors and drawers open push and pull is flexible.
  3. The quality of metal parts and plastic parts. The quality of metal parts also determines the internal quality of furniture in wood furniture. Metal parts require dexterity, smooth, surface plating treatment, can not have rust, burrs, etc. , the accuracy of the matching parts to be high. Plastic parts to shape beautiful, colorful, the use of the focus of the part to have strength and bounce, can not be too thin. The open connector requires flexible rotation and no friction.
  4. Main size. The main size of furniture (i.e. functional size) national standards are required. Such as the large wardrobe provisions in the wardrobe space depth should be greater than or equal to 530mm, hanging long clothes hanging stick along to the bottom plate surface spacing should be greater than or equal to 1400mm, table furniture specified height of 680mm to 760mm, Where the middle drawer of the desk along the ground height of the middle clearance height should be greater than or equal to 580 decoration net mm, bookcase layer between the net height should be greater than or equal to 230mm to 310mm and so on. If the furniture is less than the specified size, the use will bring a lot of inconvenience, affect the use.
  5. The limit of harmful substances in wood furniture. At present, the harmful substances in furniture are mainly free formaldehyde released from artificial boards and adhesives, as well as soluble lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury in furniture paint.
Teach you how to shop for a good office table!

How to tell that your desk contains formaldehyde? When buying a desk, you can first close to the desk drawer and table top and other parts, with the nose sniff, see if there is a pungent smell, whether strong, if you feel a strong pungent smell, and accompanied by tears, itchy throat, cough and other discomfort, then, it is not appropriate to buy such a desk. Secondly, the furniture factory should be allowed to provide raw material inspection certificate, to see if the manufacturers used materials are qualified, from the source of furniture materials on the good pass. In addition, should carefully check the person decoration effect of the side of the plate furniture is sealed, because the artificial plate side formaldehyde is distributed the most severely, according to the furniture standards, artificial plate furniture side must be sealed edge processing.

Because the room layout of each office building is different, so Shenzhen furniture network here today can only list the regular style of office furniture size, such as you have special layout needs, Shenzhen furniture factory would like to design a satisfactory effect for you.