The meaning and artistic conception of interior furniture design

First, the significance of personality furniture design

With the advancement of society and the prosperity of modern science, the towering reinforced concrete buildings in the city, large glass walls, and various metal materials have drowned people’s lives in a large and empty industrial production environment. In such a city, these constitute a lonely, dull space, people are increasingly unable to breathe, people expect natural leisure, and strongly pursue the living space of individuality.

The meaning and artistic conception of interior furniture design

Therefore, furniture products such as plants, green and environmentally friendly furniture are all we need, because the family is always our safe haven, furniture is the main body of the family, no doubt, we need healthy, warm and comfortable furniture decoration. This space will be filled with softness, vitality, warmth and vitality.

People use their wisdom and hands to create a home civilization. We are very satisfied both physically and spiritually. At the same time, highly developed industrial civilization is also dissolving the foundation of people’s existence. As time goes by, people gradually begin to pay attention to the living environment. The first thing to do is to improve the most environmentally friendly interiors and the furniture we have most exposed to everyday.

People are constantly improving the environment, putting all their own will, making their living standards better and more beautiful. This is a human furniture activity that other animals cannot match. Furniture design is part of the interior design, including the architectural spirit of the building, the design and choice of furniture and space vision, lifestyle, and human heritage. At the same time, with the development of the times, furniture activities and art gradually evolved into the current furniture art.

In the indoor life, the protagonist has the ability to create and change the environment, and create an artificial environment based on human will in the natural environment. Furniture is a major component of the art of interior furniture and it is the first practical presence. With the advancement of the times, furniture with practical functions has received more and more attention in the context of its art. From the perspective of furniture and architectural classification, it can be divided into two categories, one is practical furniture, including living room furniture, storage furniture such as beds, sofas, wardrobes and so on. The other is decorative furniture, including furniture bookcases, wall paintings, etc.

The luminaires in the interior furniture play an important role in lighting, from the type of lamp and the type of view, because indoor lighting is mainly ceiling lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lights, safety lights, and the like.

Second, the furniture design creates and sets the mood of the indoor environment

The artistic conception of the indoor environment is to form the overall beauty of the space through a series of environmental designs such as the layout of the interior space, the style of the furniture, and the matching of the material texture, creating a sense of artistic conception of the space, which deeply feels the inherent personality of the design. The mood, taste and other connotations.

It is a society in which designers integrate the various elements of culture, science, technology, and production, and the mutual penetration of psychology, ergonomics, and humanities, and the combination of natural factors and human and social factors. process. Through the objective and real “view” expressed by the indoor form, the “love” of people’s pleasure is evoked. The process of blending this situation is the process of generating the artistic conception of the indoor environment.

The meaning and artistic conception of interior furniture design

This kind of space is a space full of vitality, but it is definitely not a copy of the traditional stacked space. Otherwise, the space will not have any moving parts and will not feel the atmosphere and mood of the space.

The artistic concept of the indoor environment is to form the overall beauty of the space through the layout of the interior space, the style of the furniture, and the matching of the materials. This will give people a deep sense of the inherent personality of design, mood, taste and other connotations. It is a designer’s integration of various elements through culture, science, technology, production, psychology, ergonomics, human science and natural factors, the penetration of human and social factors, reflecting a social process. The indoor form shown by the objective reality “indoor” evokes the joy of people, “the situation”, which is the representative process of the beauty of the integrated design art of the indoor environment design process. The vibrant space of this space is full of energy, but it cannot replicate traditional spaces. Otherwise there will be no room to move and feel the atmosphere of space and mood.

It can be said that modern personality furniture design has been accepted and recognized by more and more people. Would you go to customize furniture?

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